Shift Power Yoga Teacher Training Institute 300 Hour Master Teacher Program

Thank you for your interest in our 300-hour Yoga Alliance RYT training!

You don't have to complete the whole program in order to participate! Our modules are designed as stand-alone units that can be taken separately and pieced together to add to your own custom yoga training. Each module counts as 30 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance, and your 300 hour certification can be completed bit by bit as your calendar and bank account allows.

Each module is $500, and you get a world-class yoga education from Pam Rader as well as our special guest teachers who are masters in their field.

If you haven't trained with the SPY academy before and you missed the "Mastery of Methodology" weekend, we recommend that you brush up on the Baptiste methodology by reading "Journey into Power" by Baron Baptiste so we can get you up to speed with the concepts and philosophies we will be working with. :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our studio manager by email:

Our next West Kelowna 300-hr training begins in January 2023:

  • Jan 19-22 - Mastery of Methodology
  • Feb 16-19 - Advanced Anatomy and Assisting
  • March 23-26 - Deepen Your Impact
  • April 20-23 - Root to Rise
  • May 25-28 - Yin
  • June 22-25 - Yoga for Special Populations
  • July 20-23 - Sequencing
  • August 24-27 - Sharing your leadership (workshops)

Modules will run Thursday 5 - 9, Friday 5 - 9, Saturday 8 - 8 and Sunday 8 - 5 with some modules having follow-up team phone calls and/or practice sessions as determined by group.

Currently, these programs will be offered in-person.

The promise of this program is that you will deepen both your knowledge and your working mastery of teaching and living yoga. You will leave with a new understanding of what it is to share this practice and your truth powerfully and contribute to the connection, growth and leadership of those around you as a natural expression of who you are. We will dive deep into the art and mastery of delivering an impactful message, teaching to diverse populations, advanced anatomy and assisting, the history and ancient traditions of yoga including teaching meditation, the art of sequencing, creating workshops, the power of yin yoga, and yoga as service.

Please complete the following application in its entirety. Once received and reviewed you will be contacted by phone for a brief interview prior to acceptance to the training. Once accepted a $250 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your spot. The total tuition for this full program is $3995 (+gst), or $500 per module if you are not taking the full program. Your $250 deposit will be deducted from the balance. Space is limited and you are encouraged to apply early! Payment plans available.

Shift Power Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Training Modules

Module 1 - Mastery of Methodology

This module is mandatory for those who have completed a 200 hour program that is not through Baptiste Power Yoga Institute or the Shift Power Yoga Teacher Training Institute. It is our commitment to deliver the most powerful program possible and to do so we need everyone on the same page! This module may also be taken as a “brush up” for those who have been away from the Baptiste methodology and would like to immerse themselves before moving forward in the training. (Pre-requisite reading Journey into Power and Being of Power by Baron Baptiste)

Module 2 - Advanced Anatomy, Physiology and Assisting

We will take an in-depth look at the relationship between asana, pranayama and the individual body systems to gain a working mastery of creating the best possible alignment and access to poses for your students. We will also learn the art of hands-on assisting (as well as hands-on adaptations) from a place of service and empowerment to create an unforgettable experience for your students. (Pre-requisite reading “The Key Muscles of Yoga” by Ray Long)

Module 3 - Deepen Your Impact

The difference between an average yoga class and an amazing one is often the teacher's gift for storytelling through yoga. In this module you will learn to masterfully deliver your teachings in your own unique expression as a contribution to your students. Learn to leave your students in a powerful place of inquiry about their practice and a clear sense of how to implement the teachings of yoga into their lives immediately. (Pre-requisite reading "Perfectly Imperfect" by Baron Baptiste)

Module 4 - Root to Rise: Yoga History and Philosophy Expanded

In this module you will go beyond the basics and deepen your understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga through study of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Yoga Sutras. You will learn to interpret and make these ancient teachings relevant to everyday life for yourself and your students and have real time practice in teaching powerfully from these ancient truths from your own unique perspective and expression. (Pre-requisite reading "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" by Svatmarama, the Bhagavad Gita and a translation of your choice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras)

You will also be introduced to various meditation techniques and have first-hand practice delivering powerful meditations. (Pre-module assignment - write a 2 page essay comparing and contrasting the teachings of the Hatha Pradipika and Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras)

Module 5 - Balanced Action: The Power of Yin

In this module you will be introduced to the practices and techniques of Yin Yoga. Learn the theory, practical applications and how to create an intention-based yin sequence that makes a measurable difference in the hearts and bodies of your students. You will also have first-hand practice in delivering Yin Yoga from a place of empowerment and possibility. (Pre-requisite reading "The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga" by Bernie Clark)

Module 6 - Inclusive Yoga: Learning to Teach Yoga to Special Populations

In this module you will learn how to adapt yoga to specific populations. We will introduce adaptations for trauma-sensitive yoga, pre-natal yoga, injury recovery and so much more. You will learn a new level of mastery in listening for the needs of your students and be able to skillfully create an environment and a practice that is both inclusive and impactful to all kinds of students.

Module 7 - Masterful Sequencing

In this module you will study the bio-mechanics of masterful sequencing. You will learn to adapt tried-and-true sequences and deliver them as a unique expression of who you are without diluting the impact or intention of the practice. This fun and interactive module will give you plenty of experience in creating and delivering fun and inspired sequences with clarity and intention!

Module 8 - Sharing Your Leadership: Workshops!

In this module you will learn what it takes to create impactful workshops that leave your students not only richer in knowledge but with embodied experience and actionable steps to create powerful changes in their practice and in their lives. Gain real time experience in workshop production, promotion and presentation to develop your confidence in sharing what matters most to you as a contribution that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Apprentice Program - 100 Hours

Our Apprentice program delivers first-hand, up-front and behind-the-scenes experience in assisting and creating our life-changing 200-hour program. Candidates must commit to assisting 3 full weekends of any one of our 200-hr YTT’s. Hours are coordinated with our studio manager and assigned based on availability. You will have 2 years to finish this portion of the program once enrolled in the 300-hour training program.


Total Program Hours:
317 without Mastery of Methodology
350 with Mastery of Methodology

Candidates who choose to take Mastery of Methodology may opt out of one of the other modules.


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